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Life in the military offers some distinct experiences compared to civilian life, and that includes your budget and finances. The pre-deployment process can feel overwhelming, especially when youâ re organizing your money and bills. Itâ s important you provide your family with…

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9 Simple Ways To Get Free Diapers - MediVac Technologies

10% off any nursing bra and/or camisole. Two: Sign Up for Amazon Family. Amazon Family (formerly Amazon Mom) comes with a free 30-day trial, or you can access it for free if you’re already a Prime member. Just create a child profile to begin and save up to 20% on diaper and baby food subscriptions.

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grocery stores Archives - MediVac Technologies

The post The 7 Best Stores to Use Coupons appeared first on Penny Pinchin' Mom. As a budget-conscious shopper, youâ re constantly looking for ways to stretch each dollar further. So when you have the time, you might use manufacturer’s coupons. But, it doesnâ t always seem worth the hassle to look for them, clip them, print them out, etc.

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Everything you Need to Know to Buy Discounted Gift Cards

Buying discounted gift cards is one of my favorite ways to save money and stay on budget. You can hack your way into saving hundreds of dollars a year by buying cheap gift cards. Discounted gift cards are gift cards… The post Everything you Need to Know to Buy Discounted Gift Cards & Save Money appeared first on Modern Frugality.

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Donating Plasma For Money: Best Places To Donate Plasma To

However, not getting a 1099-MISC IRS form will not let you off the hook. You’re required by the IRS to file a return if you make more than $400 from “gig work”. Donating plasma does count as gig work, so keep a track of your earnings. You will be responsible for reporting the income made from donating plasma when you file your taxes.

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15 Best Cheap College Textbook Rental Sites - MediVac

Reasons To Rent Textbooks Or Buy Used. Brand new textbooks can be very costly, with some estimating that it can cost an average of $1200 a semester for new books.

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How to Budget Groceries: 11 Easy Tips - MediVac Technologies

Have you ever sat down to go over your budget only to find out that youâ ve outrageously overspent on food? Local, organic, artisan goods and trendy new restaurant outings with friends make it easy to do. With food being the Full Story The post How to Budget Groceries: 11 Easy Tips appeared first on MintLife Blog.

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50+ Of The Best Money Saving Ideas For 2021 - MediVac

Looking for money saving ideas for 2021?. I love to help people find new and realistic ways to save money. Learning how to save money helped me pay off my nearly $40,000 student loan debt, and I practiced many of the money saving ideas you’re going to learn about today. I budgeted, cut my bills, started side hustling, and more.

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75 Personal Finance Rules of Thumb - MediVac Technologies

5. Set specific financial goals. Specific numbers, specific dates. Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today. 6. Keep an eye on your credit score. Check-in at least once a year. 7. Converting wages to salary: $1/per hour = $2000 per year. 8. Don’t mess with City Hall. Don’t cheat on your taxes. 9. You can afford anything.

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The Frugal Mom’s Guide to Meal Planning on a Budget

Meal Planning Can Help Save You $1,600 a Year on Your Grocery Budget! Hmmm… donuts, pizza & mojitos OH MY! Isn’t it amazing how one stray sentence can totally take over your mind! Food is tasty, a treat, and can be downright mesmerizing! It can also be one of our biggest budget busters! We want […] Continue Reading The post The Frugal Mom’s Guide to Meal Planning on a Budget

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9 Simple Steps: How to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck

With your monthly financial plan in place, you’re off to a great start. But, if you don’t track your spending, it will be nearly impossible to stick to your budget. Don’t fall into the trap of trusting your memory. Even if you have the memory of an elephant, keeping mental notes of your spending isn’t a reliable way to stay on track.

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