Top 50 Cheapest Online Master's Degrees For 2021

Delta State University has been recognized for its top online master’s degree programs in nursing. The school offers several other online graduate programs, however, including: Online Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) Online Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) Online Master of Commercial Aviation.

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30 Highest Paying Associate Degree Jobs - Great Value Colleges

(52 years ago) Median Annual Wage 2020 (): $130,420One of the highest-paying associate degree jobs on our list is the occupation of an air traffic controller. These professionals work in the aviation industry and are responsible for ensuring safe flights by directing traffic in the sky.

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America's 50 Most Underrated Colleges: These Incredible ...

(52 years ago) Perhaps the best indicator of University of Arizona’s respect in the world is the fact that NASA has been a long time partner with the college. In fact, the college has been heavily involved with every single planetary mission that NASA has been involved in. This incredible association is part of the reason why Niche names University of Arizona as having the 67 th best college professors in ...

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Top 50 Most Affordable Colleges in the Northeast for 2021

(52 years ago) Visit Website. Gallaudet University was founded in 1864 and is one of the affordable colleges in the northeast. It has since then been known as a world-class institution with a rich history of transformation and impact. It is a premier, federally chartered university for the deaf and differently-abled.

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50 Great Affordable College Towns in the U.S.

(52 years ago) Methodology. To compile this list, we selected the 50 college towns with the best cost-of-living index scores as published by the Council for Community and Economic Research.The cost-of-living index considers such factors as grocery items, housing, utilities, transportation, and health care.

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Great Value Colleges

(52 years ago) At Great Value Colleges, our goal is to help you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to getting a college degree. We realize that determining "value" can be an elusive concept.

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50 Great Affordable Colleges in the West

(52 years ago) Among the top private affordable colleges in the west, Alaska Pacific University was established in 1959. The school currently enrolls just over 500 students per year, yet it still offers an impressive range of academic degrees ranging from associates to doctoral programs.

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US College Towns With The Best Public Transportation ...

(52 years ago) 46. Northeastern University. Like many Boston based colleges, Northeastern University allows students to purchase a range of Boston transportation passes with an 11% discount. The college itself is very well connected to what three methodology sources consider to …

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50 Great Affordable Colleges in the Midwest

(52 years ago) Black Hills State University is a liberal arts university that offers students varied opportunities to pursue their goals towards success. The 123 acres near the Black Hills allow students to bond with nature as they hike and explore the beautiful outdoors. It is one of the most affordable colleges in the Midwest.

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50 Great Affordable Colleges in the South 2021

(52 years ago) A member of the University of Texas System, the University of Texas Permian Basin is one of the most affordable colleges for out-of-state students and one of the south’s cheapest colleges. Founded in 1973, the school now serves over 5,000 students, most of them undergraduates. Popular majors for these students include:

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25 Best Online College Certificate Programs for 2021

(52 years ago) There are many training programs to attend after completing high school. While there are many comparable flight attendant certification programs, the training that includes an aircraft with more than 20 seats is the one recognized by the FAA. Average salary per year: $78,286. Average program cost: $3750.

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30 Most Unusual Nursing Jobs - Great Value Colleges

(52 years ago) Legal Nurse Consultant. One of the most unusual jobs you’ll find with a nursing credential is the occupation of a legal nurse consultant. These positions are unusual nursing jobs because they don’t require typical nursing tasks such as taking patient vitals or preparing patients for procedures.

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20 Creative Careers for Computer Science/IT Majors

(52 years ago) In the field of art and design, being an animator is the closest thing to heaven you’ll find in a 9-5.You may even feel a bit like a god as you bring characters and illustrations to life using high-tech animation software. If you’re a creative type but need a “real job,” then the occupation of a 3-D animator may be a dream come true.

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20 Great Scholarships for Out-of-State Students

(52 years ago) The amount of the award varies dramatically based on test scores. The smallest amount is $8,000 given over four years for students with ACT scores of 24-26 or SAT scores of 1160-1250. The highest award is $22,000 over four years; students need an ACT of 35-36 or an SAT of 1530-1600 to qualify. Scholarship Website.

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25 Great Scholarships for Young Black Men

(52 years ago) The Dr. Randolph Chase Memorial Scholarship and the Dr. James Curtis Scholarship are just two examples in which a $5,000 award is made available to eligible Black applicants. At this time, there is a total of 28 scholarships up for grabs through the NMF. Scholarship Website. 12. Leon Bradley Scholarship Program.

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The 25 Best Online MBA Programs for Military Personnel

(52 years ago) The online MBA for military personnel from Florida Atlantic University is designed to be completed in just under two years. The degree can be completed entirely online, and course delivery is 100% asynchronous for maximum flexibility.

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Highest Paying Early Childhood Education Jobs

(52 years ago) According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), jobs in early childhood education are currently growing faster than average. This trend is due to a number of different factors, including the growing population of preschool-aged children and the consistent demand for early childhood services.

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15 Great Scholarships for College Freshmen

(52 years ago) Trying to find a reliable list of today’s best scholarships for college freshmen, all in one place, is not always an easy or sure task. Much of the scholarship information out there is scattered and even inaccurate at times.

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Top 20 Low-Cost Online Master's in Environmental ...

(52 years ago) Webster University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission to award the master’s degree in environmental management online. The school has been ranked among the 20 best regional universities in the Midwest as well as the top 60 best value schools in the United States. Net Price: $22,727.

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30 Best Liberal Arts Colleges in the South

(52 years ago) Randolph-Macon College. Ashland, Virginia. Not to be confused with Randolph College, which also makes our list and is located nearby, Randolph-Macon College is another of the best liberal arts colleges in the South. The school was founded in 1830, and offers bachelor’s degrees in more than 38 subjects.

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30 Best Liberal Arts Colleges on the West Coast

(52 years ago) Claremont, California. Considered to be one of the “West Coast Ivy-League” equivalent schools, Pitzer College was an easy addition to our list of the best liberal arts colleges in the West. As part of the Claremont Colleges consortium, Pitzer allows its students …

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Top 4 Low-Cost Online Doctorates in Training and Development

(52 years ago) With 20 start dates per year and a 12-week course length, the University of Arkansas’ self-paced structure provides maximum flexibility for today’s non-traditional graduate student. Students enrolled in online degree programs may be eligible to pay in-state tuition. Out-of-State Graduate Tuition: $21,032.

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50 Best Alternative Energy Colleges: These Universities ...

(52 years ago) The alternative energy education at Texas Tech University has a very precise focus. It wants to ensure that renewable energy can be transferred into the world’s aging power grids more seamlessly and effectively. Because of these efforts, Study Portals names the college one of the best places to study sustainability.Sierra Club on the other hand ranks the college at 254 th for most ...

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America's Top 50 Colleges For Students With Disabilities ...

(52 years ago) The Jones Learning Center at University of the Ozarks describes itself as possessing “a one of a kind set of tools and services to help students excel.” This center has been in existence since 1971, long before many other colleges established centers to support their students with disabilities. Throughout its existence, the center has provided some of America’s best disability assistance ...

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50 Great College Gymnasiums and Recreation Centers

(52 years ago) This Ohio based college offers students four acres of multipurpose grass fields and has the indoor gym facilities to match! Gyms are housed in two buildings, The Student Recreation and Wellness Center and The Central-Hower. The main recreation center has a leisure pool with a lazy river, a 30 person hot tub, a 1/10 mile track, 250 pieces of cardio and strength building equipment, a 53-foot ...

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8 Highest Paying Economics Degree Jobs

(52 years ago) Personal Financial Advisor. Median Annual Wage 2020 ( BLS): $89,330. Another great economics degree job is that of a personal financial advisor. As the name implies, these financial professionals provide expert financial advice to individuals who are making major financial decisions.

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Top 15 Low-Cost Online Master's in Architecture for 2020

(52 years ago) Website Points: 7. The New School Parsons School of Design offers an online Master of Science in Strategic Design and Management. It explores the community to see what students, faculty, and alumni are doing in NYC and around the world.

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15 Best DBA Online Programs with no GMAT Requirements

(52 years ago) The online DBA with no GMAT requirement from Felician University is a self-paced option that includes just one brief on-campus visit. The curriculum for this innovative program includes foundation courses such as Introduction to Research Methods, Advanced Academic Study and Writing, and Statistical and Quantitative Analysis.

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Top 40 Historically Women's Colleges in the U.S.

(52 years ago) ROI ( College Factual): 6.6%. Website. Barnard College is a private women’s liberal arts college that’s continued to excel as one of the top women’s colleges from the 19th century. Founded in 1889 by Annie Nathan Meyer, it’s focused on empowering young women to pursue their passions.

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30 Great Scholarships for Pre-Med Students

(52 years ago) That’s where the scholarships come in. Below is a full list of 30 of the best scholarships for pre-med students. 1. The Melissa’s Hope Scholarship. Eligibility. -Must be a resident of New Jersey. -Possess a 3.0 grade point average or higher. -Must have past experiences in volunteerism and community involvement. -Transcripts reflecting grades.

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20 Great Scholarships for Older Students

(52 years ago) Scholarship Website. 4. Unigo $10K Scholarship. Eligibility. – Age 13 or older. – Legal resident of the U.S. – Currently enrolled in an accredited institution. For older students who are interested in history and technology, the Unigo $10K Scholarship is a unique opportunity to earn money for a degree program.

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Top 25 Low-Cost Bachelor's in Urban Planning and ...

(52 years ago) Through the College of Arts and Sciences, the University of Missouri offers a low-cost degree in urban planning and development. This B.A in Urban Planning and Design can be completed in four years and includes a solid liberal arts/humanities education. There is a foreign language component to this degree.

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30 Great Essay Scholarships

(52 years ago) Three essay scholarships worth $1,000, $1,500, and $2,500 are available. Entrants must craft a patriotic essay of 1,500 to 2,000 words about the meaningful ways diversity betters American life. Essays with a proper MLA- or Chicago-style citation bibliography are due on June 30th. Scholarship Website. 4.

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40 Best Colleges in the U.S. for Artificial Intelligence ...

(52 years ago) Artificial intelligence (AI) is a concept that many us of are only familiar with from what we’ve seen in movies like iRobot. But America’s top colleges are ramping up their research efforts and developing concentrations for their computer science degree programs to accommodate this high-tech field.

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9 Highest Paying Communications Degree Jobs

(52 years ago) Technical Writers. Median Annual Wage 2020 ( BLS): $74,650. Among those communications degree jobs for individuals who specialize in written communication is the role of technical writer. Technical writers use their knowledge of the written word to make complex concepts and …

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America's Top 50 Bike Friendly Colleges and College Towns

(52 years ago) In 2017, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo gained a bronze award from The League of American Bicyclists.College Xpress’s expert-curated list also names it as being one of the best cycling colleges.Since being recognized by these sources, the college has made even more strides at improving the bike-friendly nature of its campus.

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Top 25 Free Online Certificate Courses for 2021

(52 years ago) The University of California, Berkeley offers a course called Marketing Analytics: Competitive Analysis and Market Segmentation. While the course is free, students can get a verified certificate for $249. It teaches them about competitive analysis and market segmentation.

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Most Affordable Colleges with High Acceptance Rates

(52 years ago) The Most Affordable Colleges with High Acceptance Rates #1 — St. Petersburg College St. Petersburg, Florida. Acceptance Rate: Open; Tuition: $111.75 per credit hour for residents; $386.90 per credit hour for nonresidents; Upon its founding in 1927, SPC became the first two-year college in Florida. The institution transcended into the first state college in Florida to offer bachelor’s degrees.

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16 Low-Cost Master's in Addiction Studies for 2021

(52 years ago) In this ranking of the most affordable Master’s degrees in Addiction Studies for 2020, some of the degrees we will explore are: MS in Addictions Counseling. MS in Counseling–Addiction and Substance Abuse. MHS in Addiction Studies. MS in Clinical and Counseling Psychology–Co-Occurring Disorders. Master of Science in Education in Clinical ...

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Top 10 Online Colleges and Degrees in Washington, DC

(52 years ago) Online features for this school include 24/7 technical support, academic and career advising, online office hours, financial aid services, an online bookstore, and an online library. 9. College of William and Mary Washington Center. College of William and Mary Washington Center offers two online master’s degrees.

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Top 20 Low-Cost No GRE Master's in Psychology Online

(52 years ago) The no GRE online master psychology program from LeTourneau University is a 39-credit hour online Master of Arts in Psychology. The curriculum for the program is comprehensive and features core course titles such as Integrative Theology for Counselors, Lifespan Human Development, and Counseling Theories and Family Therapies for Professional Counselors.

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Top 15 Low-Cost Online Bachelor's in Kinesiology 2020

(52 years ago) For instance, the Bureau of Labor Statistics notes a $91,010 media pay for physical therapists with a professional degree. Exercise physiologists with a bachelor’s degree make a $50,280 median pay. The following provides a ranking with detailed information about top …

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Top 8 Low-Cost Online Bachelor's in Nutrition and ...

(52 years ago) Points: 8. The bachelor’s in nutrition and dietetics online program from Arizona State University is a unique BS in Food and Nutrition Entrepreneurship. The 120-credit hour curriculum for the program is comprised of 40 total classes, including required courses such as: Eating for Lifelong Health.

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30 Great Ways to Avoid the Freshman 15 and Stay in Shape

(52 years ago) You should also avoid exercising, watching TV, listening to loud music or staring at your phone or laptop screens before bed. The light of the screens mimics daylight and convinces your brain that it’s daytime. It also suppresses production of the brain chemical melatonin, …

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Top 14 Low-Cost Online Bachelor's in Philosophy for 2020

(52 years ago) Arizona State University offers a low-cost B.A. in Philosophy online. Offered in a 7.5-week class format, students will complete 120-credit hours. In the program, you will learn how to write and communicate effectively, as well as study the foundations of philosophy (i.e. metaphysics, epistemology, and ethics).

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The Top 3 Low-Cost Doctorate Degrees in Computer Science

(52 years ago) There are two main degrees students can get through an affordable online doctoral program in Computer Science: a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Computer Science or a Doctor of Computer Science (DCS). While the degree paths are similar, they are not considered equal. Most DCS degrees can be completed in 3 years, and if a dissertation is required ...

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Free Online Courses From Some of the Best Colleges in the US

(52 years ago) Taking the MOOC industry even further, many private companies, like the following, have created free e-courses: Google. Microsoft. Rosetta Stone. IBM. Nikon. Because of the vast amount of free online classes out there, this article will focus solely on those that American universities have created.

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50 Best College Conservatories and Performance Spaces

(52 years ago) The student experience at Loyola University, New Orleans is one of the best in the country. The student reviews on Niche have led to it being ranked at 23 rd for music colleges. College Factual is less generous, ranking it at 239 th.However, the conservatory at Loyola University, New Orleans certainly makes some compelling arguments as to why it is a great place to study.

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