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Whether you are close to federal employee retirement or just starting out in your career, this is the place to share ideas with your federal colleagues on planning for your retirement. How to Maximize Life Insurance Benefits and be Most users ever online was 2456, 7/12/2018 12:36:05 PM (UTC).

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List of all discounts - Postal Employees - Federal Soup

OO Price: $400.00 $100.00 (75% off) Time to Sellout: 6 Seconds MAR 14 2009 12:00 PM EDT Apple iTunes for $5 OO Price: $10.00 $5.00 (50% off) Time to Sellout: 33 Minutes MAR 10 2009 12:00 PM EDT FIJI Water Company: 24 Case of Water for $15 OO Price: $37.50.00 $15.00 (60% off) Time to Sellout: 2 Hours 38 Minutes

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Corporate code for federal employee discount???? - Postal

Postal Employees. Post your thoughts and opinions here about current Postal employee topics.

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Employee Discounts??? - Postal Employees - Federal Soup

Yes but we are off budget, paid by the selling of postage and under our unique union contracts so we miss out on normal federal benefits like an area based cost of living adjustment. And in the Postal Tweets box, there's one for Best Buy coupons. postalvet #14 Posted : Saturday, December 31, 2011 11:49:43 AM(UTC) Rank: Guest. Groups: Guests

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USPS Deals on Liteblue - Postal Employees - Federal Soup

i usually build my own systems, newegg can be okay as a source for parts & maybe some laptops or tablets. the site is a great place to check user reviews because there tends to be a knowledgable user base. is an ok site to watch for sales and discount coupons.

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DEA Diversion Investigator - Page 185 - DEA - Federal Soup

I ordered them from JCpenney's just in case they didn't fit right I could take them back to an actual store. I used a coupon code online for 15% off! cwt was very easy to deal with for sure! She couldn't get me to Reagan until 12:30 though. Going to get a new garment bag style suitcase today!

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Change Address PS Form 3575 - Postal Employees - Federal Soup

The Forms can be obtained without the coupons. Moreover, you can print one off online and it's fillable. There are stock piles of these PS Form 3575's sitting in warehouses accross the country. Also, when you do it online you get hit with a bunch of adds and spam at the end.

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A month later - Postal Employees - Federal Soup

I would actually have to drop off a bundle on a customer's porch about mid loop, reload when I got to that customer's house and finish the loop. You couldn't split the loops on that route like many do - it had crazy long and winding swings all over the place - so you did as many as possible at each park point.

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Confirmation of Payment for Military Service from OPM

I know at Dept of Army, we will accept the LES showing paid, but employees can also contact OPM for documentation of their payment. You may contact OPM at the number provided by Daystar or by emailing them at: [email protected] You will need to include your name (along with any previous names you have worked under during your career), date of birth, SSN, phone number (in case they need to contact

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Health Plans: Alternatives to BC/BS - Page 3 - Financial

Before anyone switches plans check out the provider list and make sure your doctor is on it. Perhaps my math is off because of my old age but as a diabetic on avandia basic is 35 per month or 105 for 90.35x3 Unless I missed something in readings it comes to a difference of 160.00 per year vs standard.

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Benefits of an OConus Assignment - Relocating - Federal Soup

Benefits of an OConus Assignment: I am looking at taking a possible reassignment within my agency to Germany. I would be moving with my family. It would be my first OConus assignment and I a looking for the pros and cons of such a tour. I am a DA civilian now. Any insight would be

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