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How do I use coupons on Mercari? | Yahoo Answers

How do I use coupons on Mercari? So I have a coupon code for Mercari, but I don't know how to use it. I don't want to secure the checkout until I knew the coupon would work. You will also get $3 off $9 purchase. Signed up my two siblings and got a free fidget spinner coming in the mail. Remember to confirm your email to get your credits.

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how to delete coupon view in yahoo mail? | Yahoo Answers

No, it won't. I have ABP and every time I go to my inbox, the stupid coupon view shows up. I have to manually close the view. Yahoo can't leave well enough alone.

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What is meant by discount 50% +10%+10% ? | Yahoo Answers

It either just means 70% off which means if it was something that is worth $100, it'd be $30 after the discount. OR. you get a discount of 50% and another 10% off of what the number ends up being and then another 10% off of that number so if you got something that is worth $100 50% off of it would be $50 then 10% off of that would be $45 then another 10% off of that would be

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How do I print a coupon in my email? | Yahoo Answers

How do I print a coupon in my email? I have tried Ctrl + P to no avail. I want to print a birthday coupon. Can you help me? Answer Save. 4 Answers. Relevance. to turn headers and footers (Page # etc.) on or off, click the paper icon to the right of the gear icon . By pressing Ctrl + P will also print for you. 0 0 1. Login to reply the

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where do i put my discount code for ulta? | Yahoo Answers

okay i was shopping my makeup store ulta online and i have a code to use. when i went to check out i did't see where i could put the code for my discountdoes anyone know where i put it so i can get some money off myy order?

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How do you get BabiesRUs 20% off any item Coupons? | Yahoo

How do you get BabiesRUs 20% off any item Coupons? I am expecting my fisrt child in May. I am really eager to start getting the Nursery put together. The Furniture I like turned out to be more than I had expected, so I am doing all I can to save money. I found people on ebay selling these coupons and would like to know how I can get them

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How to use Coupon Code online? | Yahoo Answers

There are many websites available online for coupon codes, one i would like to recommend you will be . Just few simple steps of payment and you will get the referral code at your e-mail address and that code will be used further to get discount of the desired product.

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savings with coupons? | Yahoo Answers

Don't take everything off of the shelf and also if people are behind you with a few items, let them go ahead. The funniest trip I ever had to the store was when a man behind me was very rude and told me he would just give me the money for whatever my coupons would save me because I was taking to long. I smiled when 326 came off of my bill.

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Is it possible to see through scratch offs? | Yahoo Answers

I have 3 gordmans coupons and i can only use one and they are little scratch offs and i can save up to 15 , 25 , 35 or even 50% off any single item and i cant tamper with the scratch off only the cashier can. there any way to some what see through it?

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Is coupon abuse illegal? | Yahoo Answers

Is coupon abuse illegal? THEN you scan those coupons with their UNIQUE bar code OR try to get more than the limit they state on the sticker in the isle per the sale. You just got caught. Will they do anything? I'm not sure however is it worth the risk. I was laid off due to the virus without being paid for my leftover vacation hours

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